Preparation of Self

This is a good time, to sit and self reflect on the noise going on within your mind. The up and down feeling you may have in your heart center. Notice, I am discussing two major organs of your body. They are physical organs, but the purpose is not just of a physical nature with organs; it’s also energy. There is an energy source within all organs. When the mind and heart are not connected, there is an imbalance within the consciousness of self. This is an imblance unlike you have maybe never understood before, so I will do my best to explain what I have come to comprehend.

In energy work, we discuss various ways in which energy in our world affects us. We recognize that energy is within all of creation. There are no parameters to where energy is, because energy is universal. It exists, because without it, we would not exist. This energy connects all physical reality and reality we can not physically comprehend. For example, a cat can see much better at night. Humans can not. The cats perception of the world is much different than a human beings visually in the physical eyes. Now this isnt to say, suddenly you will have night vision with your physical eyes, but there is something we humans have that assist us in seeing past what we see physically. This is called our third eye. Within our brains, this is called the pineal gland. The pineal gland is discussed in ancient cultures, and it’s best for you to know as much as you can about this gland and its purpose spiritually.

Third Eye

We have a base foundational understanding of a heaven, hell, some form of existance beyond what we physically see. Would you say this is true? Now let’s understand that these places, beyond which we can see, exist within another form of energy. Perhaps, a place not outside of ourselves, but energetically within. How do we comprehend these various levels of comprehension? Your first understanding should be that of energy. Nature mimics itself in various ways, these are blueprints of energy and can be seen with our physical eyes. The Fibonnaci Spiral is a great example and can be seen in various manners in nature and within human consciousness to use in design, architecture, and many various forms of creation.

Fibonnaci Spiral in nature and the universe.

Are you still with me? I hope so. This energy is understood in various cultures across the world. The chakra system was introduced by the Vedas in India around 1,500-500 B.C. A recorded oral tradition via the Brahmins. The original meaning of the word chakra is, wheel. (There are many various sites you may visit to learn extensively of chakras. I implore you to seek on your own this information and allow your intuition to guide you where you are needed to go. However, I will provide a link below with a good indepth understanding for beginners.)

For now, I’d like you to visualize these wheels, as energy centers within my body. When balance is achieved through these energy wheels, we feel a peaceful connection. When imbalanced, we can feel destructive of self and often hold physical ailments or inner turmoil. I hope this is making sense to you.

When we view the world energetically, there is a peaceful understanding of how the universe works from within and outside of ourselves. There are many traditions in western culture, that do not speak of energy work or our energy centers. It’s important information to know of, and seek alignment within self to achieve a balanced state of physicality (outside) and within harmoniously. When the chakras are aligned, or spinning energetically together; we can focus then on the stronger connection between our ego self (mind) and our soul self (heart).

This is what the spiritual journey is all about at first. Its the reconfiguration energetically of self, coming into alignment, centering yourself, and then the major portions of the journey begin. The nexts steps afterwards, are the hardest for people. Some have called it the dark night of the soul. It’s where we dive into the deepest darkest parts of self for evaluation, comprehension, and learning. These changes often confront us in a physical form (We shall dive more into that in the next post, but for future reference, these are called ascension symptons.) I will also explain ascension itself, in another post later on.

For now, I think it would be a good time to focus on the learning of energy and what that comprises in ancient practices, and how that represents itself in our world today. So take time to find a quiet place, in a comfortable spot where you feel most creative, most yourself; and learn the chakra system and what benefits yourself internally. Explore the internet for these subjects:

Energy Work

Spiritual Journey



Pineal Gland or Third Eye

The journey within is timeless.

Those are good places to start. I want you to understand that although I am here to assist you, the work is solely on you to be dependant upon. The seeking of self journey you are about to take part in, is a responsbility of self. You have no control over anyone else, but yourself. I often refer to this as simply, self. There is no one who can tell you exactly what to do in your journey, and I want you to understand that on a soul level. You are your own keeper and this is your individual unique journey. Embrace that part of self. Embrace the power you have to learn to unconditionally love you, and get to know yourself in the most intimate way you have ever experienced.

This is your journey and you make of it, what you put into it. Remember, be patient with yourself. Be kind. Mimic how you would talk to a child, and place that same devotion and attention within you towards you.

Everything you need is within you. Allow your innate to guide you.

Namaste beautiful soul!


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