Spiritual Warfare

Do you believe in spiritual warfare? Can you conceptualize what evil or darkness looks like versus what good and light looks like? It is important to see the differences, and it’s important to remember that darkness is extremely charismatic and lures us in with deceptive tactics. America today, I feel, is the last stand for... Continue Reading →

Navigating The Storm

When we may feel lost and alone; the world seems to have gone dark and cold. The warriors rise to help calm the storms of the sea. They wade through uncharted waters and followers seek to find the light that is within these warriors. These seekers only come to find that the warrior is a... Continue Reading →

In These Times

Image Source: Unknown Human beings like to find ways to export their own emotions and perceptions into balls or fingers of outward expansion. Perhaps, that is a natural human trait. Writing this now, is an expansion of my own inner thoughts expressed outward for anyone to resonate with or not. However, I like to question... Continue Reading →

Ascension. What is that?

I’ve read so many books and articles about what ascension is to so many. I promised I would write about ascension symptoms, and I will clarify some of those things in this blog post. However, I really want to focus on the individual journey and the individual perception of ascension. In my opinion, one box... Continue Reading →

What Seeds Are You Planting?

Whenever I am out in the garden, I take great pride in feeling the Earth on my hands and smelling the fresh dew on the blades of leaves and grass around me. I like to stimulate all my senses to feel alive and beating with wholeness in the Earth frequency. It often brings clarity when... Continue Reading →

How Are You Feeling?

Since reading the Preparation of Self page, and aligning in how you feel about the spiritual journey; how are you doing with this for right now? What thoughts have you had about it? What concerns or moments of clarity has been brought into your heart? This is a good time, before my next detailed post... Continue Reading →

Welcome To Your Journey

So you felt something stir within you that you haven’t felt before, but yet you recognize it. It feels different, possibly even uncomfortable and you ended up here. This is a perfect spot to be! In the laws of the universe there are no coincidences, and so you ended up here because you were drawn... Continue Reading →

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