Spiritual Warfare

Do you believe in spiritual warfare? Can you conceptualize what evil or darkness looks like versus what good and light looks like? It is important to see the differences, and it’s important to remember that darkness is extremely charismatic and lures us in with deceptive tactics.

America today, I feel, is the last stand for truly knowing through our intuitive means, what we are facing as a nation; ultimately as an entire planet of humanity. We can go by words only so much, but the true comprehension is through our knowing of self and intuitive aspects of the innate within us. We have to learn to see through the veil.

The real inner work, assists in manifesting the collective consciousness of humanity. Is that easily comprehensible? What transpires within, becomes apparent throughout. We, as human beings, are stronger and more powerful than we have ever been taught. As above is so below. All manifestations within mirror outward in our perceptual minds directly from our hearts. The two need to be balanced to achieve harmony in the frequency of human consciousness.

Prepare your armor of light. Be strong in your knowing of faith and justice of the light. Source/God/Creator are all the same spanned across many cultures. We are all one within that source. May we feel it and may we see it in each other.

Namaste beautiful soul 🌟❤️

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