How To Bring Ourselves Back To Ourselves

Following The Reiki Principles

When I started on my journey of self discovery, somehow I stumbled upon another’s post about Reiki. I had never heard the term before, and so I decided to do a quick search on the internet for what the word meant. I had studied a lot about energy through various texts, two in particular caught my attention the most. These two were, The Nag Hammadi and Law of One: Ra Material. It all came together for me when I found Reiki, because this is the universal energy being funneled through my own body to assist another human being.

This energy is discussed in many different ways spanning many ancient texts, but my favorites are the Law of One and Nag Hammadi texts. They centered greatly on the universal energy of source, or as some call God/Creator/Great Spirit or the One. I often will say terms like the oneness or we are all one. It is the shared consciousness or energy of the collective oneness of the universe. This includes every living being and every bit of matter in this world, all others and everything in-between.

The Reiki Principles above in the image, made sudden sense in terms of each days vantage point or how I wished to start my day. I went even further by deciding that I don’t have to stick to a day. No, I could be mindful of these principles in each moment. Knowing the very principles alone and whenever getting emotionally reactive to a situation, sifting into my mind these principles; I could change my perception of whatever it was I was initially getting emotional about. It shifted my entire moment by moment perceptions of my world around me and within me.

Image Source: Pinterest

I realized the magnitude of my own emotions and thoughts. I realized how I could center myself and ground myself in knowing I have control only of myself in any one moment. I chose not to focus so much on the future, and as much as I love reading about history, it brought me to attention in the now of a moment. This is what bringing yourself, back to yourself is fundamentally about. How I can align myself to focus inward on what chemical reactions are happening within me? If I am mindful of the moments, this is the start of doing just that; a gradual realization that I can spiral inward, focus myself with these principles, and then come back outward with a new perspective. Mostly, a perspective that was more logical and calm, rather than upset or hurt.

Is there A List or Steps?

Of course I can provide a list of steps. However, I always want an individual to take these steps with the mindset of taking what resonates and disregarding the rest. Maybe come up with your own strategies on what works best for you. Ultimately, it is your path and as a spiritual life coach, I believe highly in the individual work that you do. I can only give you insight on how to navigate the inner workings of you, however you hold the wheel to go whichever direction. Keep in mind, as you may decide to practice these principles in the moments, that with time they become so well known by your mind that it comes naturally to our bodies. I physically feel these principles now when I find myself getting caught up in a circumstance that may make me feel drained of energy from energy spent in an emotional state of mind. So what initially took me a good 5-10 minutes of cool down, now can take me seconds to do. With practice, patience and in time; I hope that you also can work this beautiful magick within yourself in seconds instead of minutes.

  • Recognize when you are upset, happy, sad, or angry
  • When you recognize it, take a deep breath in through your nose and hold it for a moment. Remember to breath deeply in from your stomach and not your chest
  • Release slowly your breath out of your mouth and repeat breathing in deeply, holding and releasing slowly as many times as you feel is needed
  • Listen to your heart beat and feel it vibrate through your body
  • Either out loud or in your head, say the principles of Reiki. Start to feel the impact of the words
  • Imagine in your head sitting on the ground in a field of lavender and feel the swaying of the wind move your body back and forth swaying with the wind
  • Smell the breeze and the hint of ocean water in the air
  • Say the principles again
  • Focus back into the world around you and give thanks always for the many blessings of the day
Image Source: Pinterest

Remember to take time and be patient with yourself. Everything transpires when it is meant to, and our experiences are no stranger to this natural learning environment called Earth. It is natural for gradual changes to occur and this is true of the inner journey into self. We are all uniquely talented in our own manners and ways. So no two paths are alike entirely. To bring yourself, back to yourself is a continuing journey into patience, virtue, truth, a deep knowing, and focusing inward on unconditional love of self. We flex our spiritual and metaphysical muscles and help enhance our natural abilities to center, ground and be authentically ourself. Our world becomes more focused in using intuition and that also becomes a natural part of our existence in each moment.

May this assist in any way that resonates for you.

Namaste 🙏

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