Navigating The Storm

When we may feel lost and alone; the world seems to have gone dark and cold. The warriors rise to help calm the storms of the sea. They wade through uncharted waters and followers seek to find the light that is within these warriors. These seekers only come to find that the warrior is a mirror image of who they are within themselves; their own beacon of light to help calm the storm. The seeker then begins the longer journey of self knowing. This is where it can become frustrating or painful at times.

Know that you are never alone. There are thousands of seekers, who always end up finding themselves on any given day, in any given moment. You have a magnitude of assistance from the universe and the other side of the veil. You are in fact, never alone. As you begin, or as you continue your journey, seekers find other seekers of the light. It is natural law that we find each other. Know that these people are part of your tribe of people who follow the inner journey of themselves in their own unique way.

Have courage. Have unity. Have love above all else. You are gifted in who you really are; a soul having an experience in this realm of humanity. Be still. Be calm. Together we are the storm that helps shift the world of humankind into the new age of abundance of self.

Namaste 🙏

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