In These Times

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Human beings like to find ways to export their own emotions and perceptions into balls or fingers of outward expansion. Perhaps, that is a natural human trait. Writing this now, is an expansion of my own inner thoughts expressed outward for anyone to resonate with or not. However, I like to question myself frequently on this and go deeper, so this is me doing that in words for all to inner perceive.

If you can hold hate in your heart for another, you can hold love, too. If you can hold anger, you can hold grace and compassion. A shift may not happen over night. It could take time. Neither is bad nor good; it is what it is for each individual. We naturally pass judgments on others subconsciously and consciously. Sometimes we are mindful and view them deeper to a higher state of awareness of ourself, and sometimes we are not mindful of it at all. Both are meant to be as they be, and when they are in the moment individualized.

So much anger, and so much hatred are rampant in the world today. Why do you suppose that is? Because of the catalysts that brought us to this moment. A diamond doesn’t become beautiful overnight. Pressure, manipulation of matter and time morphs the diamond.
All that you see, is a chemical reaction of a timeline individually and collectively. One person may be angry about Corona virus. One person may be angry over government. One person may be angry over BLM. One person may be angry over human trafficking. One person may be angry about our financial system.
And all that anger and greivances, turn into what? Catalysts. Catalysts for change everyone. It gives the opportunity for innovation and realizing that we individually and collectively can make more informed decisions, and thus create the atmosphere for change. Sometimes these settings are created by a person, or a group of people. All is respected and viewed as being what it is. Offering humanity the choices they may not have had available to them before.
We, who are star seeds and light workers, are not always liked or loved. Along our path, we have to get an understanding of that and find the place within ourselves where for our greatest good, we are liberated and are not caring of who likes or doesn’t like us. We instead focus on the message and the teachings and learnings availabe. The task is to be the example in the world through our own unique manner of speaking or writing a message. It will pass along and resonate with whoever is it meant to be guided to.
So I am choosing to shine light on this, in hopes that those who will comprehend and understand will be present when and if they are needed to be.

All that you are seeing, is the domino effect of what was, is and will be; changes in human consciousness to make a choice. To choose love and expansion of higher self or to choose hate and continued decent into the darkness. The shifting of two worlds. The divide being provided as a catalyst for all to learn to make a choice. For a long time, humanity has just followed what they perceive to be from the rule books of those who control and use their power to control. Brainwashed, indoctrinated and left to feel guilty if they don’t follow orders properly or if the status quo isn’t up to the level they feel good about for affirmations from others. Always seeking outward approval instead of inner oneness.
A higher state of awareness comes from knowing thyself and learning the mindfulness of self in each moment. Viewing the emotions and mind, as a serving platform for the consciousness of an individual. They are tools on a tool belt of a human body. Earth is our outward work and the inner work is for ourself and spreads outward for anyone else within availabe vicinity to take hold of, if they choose to. There is no right or wrong way for an individual to seek a higher state of awareness, as long as it does no harm to another.

All of the catalysts serve as a pressure chamber for changes within and without. The choice is always up to the human being individually to accept either love or hatred in their hearts. When you seek love, you find truths in many things. You seek a comprehension of acceptance and innovation to do or be a better human being for yourself and all; comprising the one whole of humanity. When you choose hatred and anger, you see divisions and turmoil. When you focus on them, you create an avalanche of more disruption and anger. However, without the feelings of hatred and anger, some can not choose love. Everything is connected together and laced through to expand the platform of choosing for the human being to recognize and learn.
The choice can be viewed as simplicity. Love or hate. Dark or light. Compassion or division. Be mindful of anyone who uses their voice to continue divisions. Their intentions are questionable and even question those who appear to be unifying but are actually created more divisions. Seek within higher states of awareness, if you choose, to see past illusions given.

We are all from Source/Creator/God whatever name you’d like to plant as recognition of the All.
This is a time of individual choices and collective choices. A great deal of inner work. Inner work doesn’t truly end. As long as we live in our bodies and tool belts on this planet, there will be inner work continually.
Remember that what we’ve been given for centuries, is an illusion of freedom. An illusion that we have choices on a planet that is ruled by an elite class of people. A secret society or organization(s). The process of decline has been long and excruciating. It is hurtful and harmful to ourselves, each other and the planet. I choose to recognize it, give it thanks, and say now is the time for innovation and changes.
Now is the time for humanity to awaken to the dark secret workings and places of an agenda, and now is the time for it to be brought into the light so we can change and shift humanity to the original source of love. It will be time consuming. It will be ancestral in nature through our DNA. It will feel very dark at times. Walking through our own shadow valleys, was never meant to be a simple task. It is arguious. I give thanks to the catalysts in every form to awaken that blueprint within each of us thus collectively.

We walk through this together. We walk through this as one humanity. This isn’t us versus each other. This is us versus the elite agenda. This agenda is being chipped away at little by little, time by time, moment by moment, as the darkness is exposed.
May we find the liberation to be free within ourselves. May we find the liberation to be free of the agenda to harm humanity. May we find courage to walk through the darkness and shine our light.

As always, take what resonates, leave whatever does not.

Namaste 🙏

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