Ascension. What is that?

I’ve read so many books and articles about what ascension is to so many. I promised I would write about ascension symptoms, and I will clarify some of those things in this blog post. However, I really want to focus on the individual journey and the individual perception of ascension. In my opinion, one box doesn’t fit all, and there are so many symptoms and so many ways one person can have them. Therefore, I will keep it short and simple.

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There will be many symptoms that can come to pass as you ascend in your spiral journey. I say spiral, because often times when we have trigger topics that come up as we learn to navigate in the heart space of love; we often revisit these triggers if we are not mindful of what is being shown and what can be gained by our reaction. So the journey isn’t a straight forward roadmap. It is a constant ebb of back and forth as we go deeper into who we are to ourselves. Remember, the journey is not about someone else; it is your path and journey. Respect others journey and perception, but hold true to your own inner depths and learn more of you.

There have been times many a person has said, this is a selfish act to do. I don’t disagree at all! What better person knows you, than you? Is it selfish to want to learn and transform oneself into a higher state of consciousness? I would say no, it is not. However, if a person feels this way, then it is there free will choice to perceive in that manner. If it resonates, then it does. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. It is of no consequence for myself or anyone else who perceives differently, if this is not the path they are willing to seek. It may not be the persons time to decide to walk their path into deeper consciousness.

Ascension is a process into yourself. I like to see it as I am walking into the shadow valley to seek and explore who I am. It is often dark because these parts of me, are parts that I have not explored yet. What is unknown is often hidden from us. We either have chosen to hide these unknowns from ourselves or they are simply not available because an event or catalyst, hasn’t transpired yet to reveal an unknown. When I take my lantern of light with me, I help explore and find the many hidden tunnels of who I am. All is not revealed at one time, but after many many trips into self to seek out the shadows of self. The seeker has a constant desire to explore self and almost (if not everything) all that is available for learning.

As we pass through various shadows of self, we learn more of who we are. We ascend up the ladder of knowing, or the light of self. For me, this process has not just been my physical life at this moment. This has very much been a many lifetimes exploration, and ancestral bonds as well. I will dive more into that, in another post at some time. Everything is connected, so as we create light on shadow self within, our physical bodies experience a transformation also. These are where the symptoms come into play.

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Losing Track of Time
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Energy Bursts
  • Very Sleepy
  • Ringing in the Ears
  • Hearing Voices
  • Cold Like Symptons
  • Feeling Withdrawn
  • Isolating at Times
  • Lucid Dreams (Or Vivid)

There are many more different types of symptoms, but I wanted to focus on the more prevalent ones that I have talked with others about and what I have gone through myself. If you would like to add to the list, feel free to comment if you feel I have missed an important one.

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Often times, these symptoms can make you feel like you are dragging. Especially, in the beginning. You are using energy in a way, that you haven’t used or experienced it before. There are energy reactions to all things manifested in physical reality and within human consciousness. Take everyday lightly and hold the compassion for yourself, as you go through these symptoms and exploration of self. Know, that everything passes. As you continue your journey of self, sometimes these symptoms go away all together. They may come back again along your journey later on, or they may manifest in another type of symptom. Stay grounded and strong in your inner work.

There are ways I have lessened these symptoms as they come up. Often times, I find that sometimes I don’t get symptoms at all. I stay grounded by, making sure I drink plenty of water everyday. I connect my bare feet with nature as much as I can, on a daily basis. I spend time in nature everyday, enjoying the gift of life, listening to birds, the wind moving, and touching grass or dirt, flowers also. Sometimes an epson salt bath is in order. Those are for the harder days, however, a epson salt bath can be taken daily if need be. Learn to look at what goes on outside of you, as a potential influencer (teacher). We can view and learn, but sometimes many negative things we can choose to simply not absorb into our energy fields.

When we learn to view the world in a way where we are given the opportunity to be students and teachers at the same time; we can fluidly walk within ourselves and the world around us with a new perception. This idea or concept above (student/teacher) is one that some don’t seem to understand. I will try and explain it a bit more. Every moment is a potential for learning. Sometimes we are learning from others and sometimes it is from ourself, always depending on the circumstances around us, within us, to us, or in front of us. When we learn something, we have the opportunity (whenever that is meant to occur) to teach that learning. If you are a parent, you would understand this in a simplified manner. We know a stove is hot and can burn us. We teach our children not to touch a hot stove to keep clear from harm. When we teach others it can be as simple as that, or it can be complex. How I treat others is teaching them something along their path. How I choose to react, teaches myself something about me, and teaches another something about me and possibly many others.

I will dive more in detail about inner alchemy of potentials in a letter post. I hope that this has helped a rudimentary comprehension, for you, of what ascension is and what symptoms can be felt over time. Try not to think of this as happening to you. Nothing is truly separate. A spiritual journey within self has nothing to do with what happens outside of you, and everything to do with your inner conscious level(s). We are not linear human beings. We are quantum existence in many forms.

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Remember to stay in the moment and be mindful of it as you exist in the moment; your body and your consciousness.

Namaste beautiful soul!

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