What Seeds Are You Planting?

Whenever I am out in the garden, I take great pride in feeling the Earth on my hands and smelling the fresh dew on the blades of leaves and grass around me. I like to stimulate all my senses to feel alive and beating with wholeness in the Earth frequency. It often brings clarity when I feel a bit lost in all the vibrations of this human existence.

Often, I reflect on what seeds I am planting in my heart, much like my garden. How do I grow them in what, I conclude, is proper and full of abundance? Well, I water them and attention; love to grow. We can, and should, be doing this daily within our hearts. The ability to be authentically ourselves, is of upmost importance during this year specifically. This year is all about returning to self in such a way, that some simply weren’t aware of before. 2020 is the year of clear vision and coming to terms with the truth of ourselves individually and collectively.

This is the part where we really sit down with ourselves and self reflect. I always say, do no harm. This is true for ourselves, but also very true for others. Can we hold space for ourselves in compassion? Can we offer that same compassion for others? When I think of forgiveness of self, I honestly go into a mindset of there is nothing to forgive. I have made decisions based on my conscious level at the time, so I may regret a decision, but truely without the decision I had made; I wouldn’t be here and taking in all the affects of past decisions. Therefore, when I look at forgiving myself; I know I have nothing to forgive based on that comprehension of consciousness, so I have no true regrets. I am whole regardless, because I know I am leveling in a direction that is more aligned with my highest good; as long as I do no harm. I hope that makes sense.

Coming back to planting seeds, these are the seeds we should constantly be maintaining in our experience here on beautiful Gaia (Earth). There are two simple paths: do no harm, and love uncondtionally; self and others. When we plant this seed in our mind and heart on a daily basis, setting the intention, we can often go back when we feel the need to and remind ourself of these two simple intentions. We start with self first, because truly when we know what it feels like we are able to radiate that in expression far better than we can when we just observe and relate. We can’t be passive in our moment to moment existence (daily basis). We have to be present in the moments as they come with the intentions (seeds) we plant for ourselves.

So what seeds are you planting in your garden of self?

I think this should be the focus for a little while, to fully absorb all that is present in the moment.

Image Source: dancingmoondesigns.ca


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