How Are You Feeling?

Since reading the Preparation of Self page, and aligning in how you feel about the spiritual journey; how are you doing with this for right now? What thoughts have you had about it? What concerns or moments of clarity has been brought into your heart?

This is a good time, before my next detailed post on ascension symptons, to go back and read the Preparation of Self again; if you feel like you need a reminder. It is important to stay grounded in your framework of self, by connecting in nature, speaking with like minded people (I call mine, my soul tribe) and bounce ideas and feelings off of these friends. We need them more than we sometimes realize in any given moment. I often go to them for advice and to analyze or re-analyze my thoughts and perceptions.

Take time to write down your thoughts and evaluations of self perspective.

I know this post is short, but I just wanted to connect and make sure you are inner reflecting on your feelings and thoughts. I will be back with my next post on those symptons many of us have, when going through our spiritual journey; or as many call it, ascension.

Namaste beautiful soul!

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