Welcome To Your Journey

So you felt something stir within you that you haven’t felt before, but yet you recognize it. It feels different, possibly even uncomfortable and you ended up here. This is a perfect spot to be! In the laws of the universe there are no coincidences, and so you ended up here because you were drawn to find this blog. You aren’t sure how this will begin, end or develop, but you’re here. This is all that matters.

So what does a spiritual journey mean? How does this process work? Well, it’s simple. Everything relies on you. You are the captain of your own ship and voyage upon the sea of the unknown. A inner siren calls you to seek inward. I am here to point you in the general direction and to discuss some of the hard parts, and of course the wonderful aspects of the inner journey.

Let’s begin, by taking a moment of gratitude for all that has transpired in your life that led you to this moment. Take a deep breathe in through your nose. Hold it and take a long breathe out through your mouth. Feel that peace deep within your heart and gut area (solar plexus chakra). You are now ready to begin. You are now ready to center yourself, in the knowing of the unknown parts of who you are.

There is no timeline for me to give you for your journey into expansion of self. Don’t fret over time, for time is not really a needed construct. Focus on each moment, as it is now, that a moment is. Relax and allow yourself to be present in the moments as they come. We will talk more about this along your journey.

Welcome again, and thank you for contributing to humanity by simply being you.

Namaste beautiful soul! 🥰

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